Another iPhone Scare

Oh yes, I thought I’d lost my iPhone again! I haven’t had any problems with my iPhone since the scare with the volume. Until I tried to set my phone in my iHome and it just went blank. I took it back out and it wouldn’t respond to me trying to turn it back on.

The first thing I did was try to plug it in just to see for some reason the battery went dead, since it was sort-of on low juice. Nothing happend.

Then I plugged it into my computer, and just iTunes picked it up, but it said that it could not read “” iPhone. I was panicking at this point.

Finally the turning point, I had it plugged in and the held down the top button and home button at the same time for 15-30 seconds. Viola! The Apple logo popped up and I was back in business!

I hope this helped!! Good iPhone-ing to everyone!