NYR: Update #2, new blog and more

Ah, yes adding one more things on to the load. A new blog! Dedicated just to finding out which Snapple “Real Facts” are true of false. Check it out here.

My NYR (New Year’s Resolutions) have been going well, the exception is here and my photoblog. I hate that! I have so much on my plate I haven’t had the time I thought I would to update both of these like I would enjoy doing.

For school I’m finishing basically 2 years of school into less than 4 months. So far I think I’m going to be able to do it. I’ve narrowed my teachers 36-week recommended schedule into 36 days, basically 1 week of work into 1 day. I happily report that my grades are excellent at the moment, and I hope to continually report this.

I’ve also been taking my free time that I have in researching places that I would like to live and finding out what the cost of living is and trying to find apartments. =] To move to the USVI I’m not going to be able to find one online because most of the apartments are listed in the towns newspaper or by word of mouth.

As for modeling, I will hopefully soon be out of the contract I am currently under and start other endeavors.

Good luck on your personal NYR. It’s very easy to lose track of what they were, but if you keep your mind on track you will be sure to accomplish what you wanted for yourself in 2008!


Online Tutoring

I’ve been doing school work like crazy over the past couple of weeks and I’ve been getting stuck a little bit but nothing major enough to need help with until today. I was stuck on a biology question that had to do with finding out what Substance A and B was and answer questions about each of the substances. Of course that sounds easy, but the problem was I hadn’t covered the material and I had no clue where to begin. So, I noticed on Keystone’s website they mentioned Tutor.com. Why not try it, I got trial for a free 25 minutes?

Seriously it was a godsend. Of course I would have just rather have had the answers thrown at me so I wouldn’t have to think, but that’s not the point of school and learning. The tutor that I was connected with helped me learn the material and understand it. I had a chart explaining what was in Substance A and B, and through there “whiteboard” I was able to draw it out so the tutor and I could discuss it. The tutor could also write on the whiteboard to explain to me different things that needed to be done in pictures. Now I understand the concept completely behind what Substance A and B were.

I highly recommend this service to students (grades 4-12) that need help with understanding material. They offer tutoring in the 4 core subjects of Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. The tutors can help you if you have no where to start, or have started but are stuck on a certain part, or they will check your answers behind you. The service is available 24/7 which I find highly appealing since I take online classes and I’m able to do my school work when ever fits into my schedule, and this means that I can get stuck at anytime. A big advantage to in person tutors, because you have a set time to meet with them.

Below is a link to Tutor.com, and by clicking below you can get 50 minutes for $1 instead of $30.

School is a pain, along with IBS

This past week I haven’t written as much as I would like due to trying to get in the right state of mind to get everything done that needs to be done. Everything’s so overwhelming. I wish that I could postpone growing up FOREVER, but I know that it can’t be. There are so many things that I want out of life. It’s just going to take disipline and hard work.

The whole school thing has been killing me. I’m currently signed up but don’t have everything in line like it needs to be thanks to public schooling around here. Blah! Here’s a little insight into the school problems: In 7th grade I started missing school because of stomach problems. I went to the doctor multiple times over 2 years. Everytime I went in with the same problems, horrible pain in my lower stomach region. The majority of the time I would get the same answer, Cathryn it’s probably due to you’re “girlie” time of the month. Continue reading

New Years Resolutions, In Depth

Instead of just naming the things off I would like to accomplish this year in a list I thought it’d go more in depth, by saying why I would like to accomplish these goal, how I am going to accomplish them, and by when I would like to accomplish them this year.

  • My high school diploma, with decent grades
  • Why I want to accomplish it: I would like to accomplish recieving my high school diploma so I may go to the college that I would like to attend, which is FIDM, and so I can have the job I would like to have, which is being a graphic designer.

    How I am going to accomplish it: I’m going to accomplish it by keeping up with my school work, and studying.

    When I would like to accomplish it by: I would like to have my diploma by May.

  • A job, that I enjoy doing
  • Why I want to accomplish it: First of all, the money would be a big plus. Second of all, I’m going to need the money to be able to pay for everything when I move out. Third of all, it has to be something like I like doing or else I’m not going to want to wake up and go do what I have to do.

    How I am going to accomplish it: I’m going to accomplish it by finding something I enjoy doing, then I’m going to find somewhere that’s hiring.

    When I would like to accomplish it by: I would like to have a job by February.

  • Moving out of the house, into an apartment somewhere near the beach
  • Why I want to accomplish it: I want to move out once I have my high school diploma because I won’t have to focus on high school anymore, and so I can move near the beach.

    How I am going to accomplish it: I’m first going to finish school, than I’m going to figure out where I would like to move. I’ve thought about the Caribbean, but I’m having second thoughts about it because it’s so far away from home. I have thought about different places yet, but I’m not sure.

    When I would like to accomplish it by: After I get my diploma, hopefully in July I will be moving into my own place.

    Continue reading

    New Year’s Resolutions

    It’s that time of year again. Christmas lights glow at night, trees have been put up and decorated, and the next thing around the corner is the “big ball” dropping in NYC!  In years before I have made lists of what I would like to accomplish by the end of the upcoming year, but the all of the lists end up being thrown away of forgotten about. Apparently I’m not the only one who has this syndrome, and some people don’t even make them. This year I have decided to follow through with my resolutions. I will be blogging about them. Let’s see if I make it!

    My New Year’s Resolutions for 2008 are to achieve or receive:

    • My high school diploma, with decent grades
    • A job, that I enjoy doing
    • Moving out of the house, into an apartment somewhere near the beach
    • Blogging more, at least 5 days a week
    • Taking more photos, and start a daily photoblog
    • My own website, with my blog, forum, photos, etc.
    •  Modeling, and making it into at least 2 magazines of some kind
    • A well maintained online business

    For now, these are my ambitions and what I would like to accomplish and work towards in 2008. Keep checking in to see how I am doing accomplishing these things and to see what else is going on in my life or what else I have found.



    Bartending? Yes, I’m thinking about starting a job bartending. A bartender starting out makes about $30 a night including tips, and once experience has grown some bartenders make up to $300-400 a night including tips. This will help in paying for college and moving and all the goes along with that, which I never dreamed it would be so much stuff. Plus, I love interacting with people and making drinks all night sounds like a blast to me. 

    Over the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about going to bartending school to get a base knowledge of what goes on behind a bar. There is a local school about 45 minutes away from where I live, and there class only takes one to two weeks to complete. I don’t know whether or not an actually bartending school will help me, or if I should just dive in some place local.


    Hello everyone! I have decided to use wordpress to start my personal blog. Take a look at my “What to Expect” page to find out about a little bit about me and what I will be blogging about.

    I have found tremendous amounts of things floating through my head lately, from what do I need to do today to what should I do for the rest of my life. Being 18 there are so many possibilities of what to do and where to start, it’s mind-numbing.

    Here are two of my many thoughts: Continue reading