The Beach Trip in Pictures

Just a note: there are 40 pictures below, so beware of possible slow upload times depending on the speed of your internet.

I acquired a friend..
While driving from Wilmington to Sunset Beach I had a passenger that I didn’t know about until I got out of the car. Poor thing was a little dead when I found him.

The mermaid
The Mermaid.

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School procrastination led me to creating

About 4 months ago I ran across Kevin Nalts website looking for Revver information, and I found his own rendition of an online video site at Cube break was made by Nalts for those at work to get away from what they’re actually supposed to be doing by providing humorous videos to watch. After looking around I then found his video on how to make your own online video site. I said to myself, “Eh, that’s easy.. I could do that in 2 seconds”. I tried to just throw some videos on a page and be done with it, but I couldn’t persuade myself to publish something that looked like videos on a blank page. It hurt my feelings not to have any kind of structure. After that I still thought about it, but moved on to other things…….

Until last night, or about 10 hours ago, I found myself procrastinating from doing school. Instead of messing around with pictures, going to the pool, watching a movie or TV I was making my own online video site powered by Revver. I decided to choose CAFA = Cute and Funny Animal videos due to my passion and love for them. Who can resist a little puppy wrestling with her brother, or a sleepy kitten? I know I can’t.

The website it… drum roll please…

Well I hope you enjoy! I’m off to get a little rest after my all night 10 hour excursion into video site land. 🙂

Off in the world, totaling cars

Where have I been? Off in the world.

Over the past couple of weeks the biggest event that unfortunately comes to my mind first would be that I was in a wreck while driving the Lexus LX470. Some people would rather use the term “accident”, but I have come to not like this term. Why not? Because from my perspective an accident means that it was unexpected and no one was at fault. Someone is always at fault in an “automobile accident”. My conclusion is to say wreck instead.

Off of my rant and onto what happened.. I was driving down the road and the car in front of me slammed on there brakes giving me no time to slow down in time. No, I was not tailgating them, and no, I was not talking/texting on my phone. Yes, I was paying attention, and yes, I was far behind them. I’ll start out by saying that no one involved was seriously hurt, which was my main concern. The person that was in the car with me and I were still a little sore for a couple days after, but nothing severe. Thankgoodness. The car was a whole different story, it’s officially totaled and I was saddened to see it leave the wreck in the condition it was in. It held special meaning because it was my grandfather’s, who passed away in 1999. This one event has taken up most of my time and thoughts the past little bit. Thankfully some pressure has been taken off by getting a new car.

Other things that have been keeping me busy have been: running errands, looking for cars, apartment hunting, planning beach get-a-ways and other daily nonsense.

It’s good to be typing again. 🙂

(My mother tends to read my blog on a regular basis and has asked not to see any pictures of the car, so to see pictures click where it says “read more”)

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Crazy Animals

I recently posted about the birds building a nest in my den, crazy huh? I didn’t think it could get anymore entertaining around here until yesterday. I was looking outside in my backyard and I caught another glimpse of a confused animal. This time it was a squirrel who kept attempting on jumping on a branch that could not support his weight. Take a look at it by clicking on the thumbnail below.


While writing this I thought of a unique story about an encounter that my grandfather had with a flying squirrel. I don’t remember exactly how the flying squirrel was found by him but the basic story is that he found this baby squirrel that he been living in his attic. It was old enough that if it was let back into the wild it would have trouble living, since it knew nothing about self-defense. So instead of him being put through those troubles my grandfather decided to keep him in the house and keep him as a pet. He acquired the name Radar. I remember eating dinner there and him flying from atop the curtains over the table and onto a bench that was on the other side of the room. After my grandfather illness worsened and my parents and I moved into his house my mother figured it probably wouldn’t be the best to have him in the house. Just to be safe since his natural instincts could kick in and she didn’t want me to have to get a rabbis shot. Radar was the adopted by my grandfathers girlfriends sister and carried out a long life with her.

Intersting Links:
An article on about Flying Squirrels and keeping them as pets
An article on Exotic Nutritions also about Flying Squirrels and keeping them as pets
A video called “Weird Animal Fun: Feeding a Cute Little Flying Squirrel

Heads Up: Birds are Building Nests

Checkers, my 10-year-old dog, recently had a leg amputated and just went through her last chemo treatment about 2 weeks ago. She’s been adjusting extremely well to walking on only one leg, but cannot get through the dog door.

Checkers and Sarah

What does this have to do with birds? Since the door has been open for her to go in and out of the house as she pleases, we’ve had some new guests living in our house. As I was walking towards the den I notice a couple of birds fly back outside, I didn’t think anything of it. Then the next day the exact thing happend so I began to investigate. And surely enough they were building a bird house on top of an antique clock that was in our den. Moral of the story: Don’t leave doors open for long periods of time during this time of year, or you might have a bird hotel inside.



NYR: Update #2, new blog and more

Ah, yes adding one more things on to the load. A new blog! Dedicated just to finding out which Snapple “Real Facts” are true of false. Check it out here.

My NYR (New Year’s Resolutions) have been going well, the exception is here and my photoblog. I hate that! I have so much on my plate I haven’t had the time I thought I would to update both of these like I would enjoy doing.

For school I’m finishing basically 2 years of school into less than 4 months. So far I think I’m going to be able to do it. I’ve narrowed my teachers 36-week recommended schedule into 36 days, basically 1 week of work into 1 day. I happily report that my grades are excellent at the moment, and I hope to continually report this.

I’ve also been taking my free time that I have in researching places that I would like to live and finding out what the cost of living is and trying to find apartments. =] To move to the USVI I’m not going to be able to find one online because most of the apartments are listed in the towns newspaper or by word of mouth.

As for modeling, I will hopefully soon be out of the contract I am currently under and start other endeavors.

Good luck on your personal NYR. It’s very easy to lose track of what they were, but if you keep your mind on track you will be sure to accomplish what you wanted for yourself in 2008!

Car windows and cold don’t mix

I’ve been lost in a sea of school work and life.

I’m currently driving a Lexus 470and about 2 weeks ago I got in the car on a freezing morning to go get some breakfast at Chick-fil-a. I tried to roll the window just a little bit and it wouldn’t go down so I didn’t try anymore. Then I starting driving and noticed the window wasn’t all the way up, so like normally I rolled it down a little bit and back up. Instead of going back up it went out of the frame. Kaboom- broken window. It’s been in and out of the shop a couple of times and it’s still not fixed because one of the parts had to be glued and the glue hadn’t dried all the way when they tried to reprogram it. Did you know how much you use your window in your car? I didn’t. Drive-thru’s became a huge problem. It should be completely fixed tomorrow. Yay.

I knew that school was going to be extremely demanding but I had NO clue what I was getting into. I’m now doing the recommended work load of one week in only a day. Urg, a ton of work let me tell you, but with some time management and non-stop work I’m staying on track.

I’m still deciding on where I want to move. I’m still thinking about possibilities in the USVI, Cali, Florida and South Carolina. I’m still not certain, but I’ve got a couple of months to figure that out.