What if you Could Shower with your iPhone?

The user twoeggplants on Etsy.com has made it possible. What a crazy, awesome idea! The iPhone soap is said to be about the same size as the real deal.

iPhone Soap

“It has the black button at the bottom and the “screen icons” in its “flat screen”. The top layer of the soap is dark grayish black and the bottom layer is a slightly lighter shade of gray. I must say that this is one of my coolest creations and each feature is meticulously created.”

It weighs about 3 ounces and the two that are available come scented either Mojito or Tropical Mango. You can even customize the fragrance or have none at all. Honestly perfect gift for a friend who loves iPhones, or even yours truly. 😉

You can check it out on Etsy.com


Tic? Or not.

Waking up this morning reminded me of three mornings ago when I arose to find this on my chest:

In my groggy stretching state I felt this little pest chilling right on me. I freaked out when I tried to brush him off, because he wouldn’t budge and it hurt. I thought to myself “Ah! %$@% there’s a tic on me!!!!”. Sure enough it wasn’t a tic, but I have no clue what this thing is. After trying to find some tweezers and what not, he just kinda fell off me. Random tidbit of nonsense I know, but man that’s not something you want to wake up to.

One More Bizarre Animal Story: The Goose

I had just finished visiting the graveyard and was on the way to meet up with a friend to go grab a bite to eat. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a goose take off on the other side of the road in front of me. By the time I saw that we were going to collide I couldn’t do anything and ran straight into the goose, after honking at him (I was hoping he’d move). I pulled over in shock, noticed the windshield to the car had completely spidered on the passenger side, and then jumped out of the car to see if Mr. Goose was alright. At first I was sure I had killed the poor guy, but sure enough he wasn’t in the middle of the road. After calling insurance and all that mess, I saw him and his mate right next to the car. They stayed right by the car for about an hour while I straighten everything out and made plans to get it fixed. I never imagined hitting a goose ever, but I found out the insurance company had heard of people hitting owls and pigeons before, though I was the first person that hit a goose.

The trooper is on the left.

Controversial Pregnancies

I was looking through Google Trends and one popped out to me, pregnant man. The only time that I remember anything about hearing about a pregnant man was in the movie Junior with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I researched some and found an article at Advocate.com called “Labor of Love“. It turns out that this article was posted today and that a man by the name of Thomas Beatie is actually pregnant. To find out more about this go to the article at Advocate.com. I’m predicting that this is going to start a big hype due to the broad range of people with different beliefs.

This reminded me of a story that my mother was talking about that she found on AOL, where a mother gave pregnancy to her daughters baby because her daughter could not carry a baby. This story caused quite the uproar but the baby, mother, and grandson are doing perfectly wonderful. (Credit: OCRegister.com)

The way I think about it is when I’m ready to have a baby and for some reason I’m not able to carry her or him, I would be ecstatic if someone close to me would carry my baby for me. Yes, some people think this is unethical and/or just flat out wrong, but we’re all in-titled to our own opinions. Right?

Into the Depth of the Tunnel

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Seeing Double

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