Neat Flash Websites of 2007

I’ve been interested in flash websites for a while now and I found myself browsing through some. Here are the ones that I felt like were the most interesting that I’ve seen:

Good Things Should Never End – A never ending website, which has many fun features.

Get The Glass – Help a family reach the glass, through a board type of game.

Pet Moustache – Upload a photo of you or a friend, then grow, groom, cut and do many things to it to make it look the way you want. Then you may send it as a singing telegram to friends. (My Pet Moustache)

Don’t Click It – Is a research site, which is conducting whether or not users can resist to click on their site while “guiding” the mouse to what you want.

Daisy Marc Jacobs – Plant a daisy in the virtual field, play games, win prizes and learn about Daisy, the new fragrance by Marc Jacobs.

Quit Doing It– A website designed to target 18-24 year olds, educating them about cigarettes.

Xplored – A gallery of magic, haunted, and unusual places.

If this interests you I would suggest to find more “top” flash websites.


Website: Flash or HTML?

At the moment I am in the process of creating a personal site. I have not chosen whether or not to use Flash or HTML. The biggest problem I see with Flash sites is they can be difficult to navigate, where HTML sites are straight forward. Other than that, the interface of Flash sites are more creative and pleasing to the eye. If you had to choose which one would you pick?

I bought “Web Design: Flash Sites” written by Taschen today and found these creative sites: Continue reading