July Run Down

July has been a busy, quick month for me. Time for a quick run down of what’s been going on since I haven’t been able to post.

I had nothing planned for the fourth until about 2 days before. I ended up grabbing some hotdogs with afriend and seeing fireworks at the Country Club. We were planning on going downtown to dance at a jazz club that I had never been to and then the IBS kicked in. We jumped back in the car and headed back to the house to grab some medicine. The night did not just end at that, we went back to his house and had a relaxing evening with his family. I was a little disappointed because I did not have my camera on me as the fireworks went off though I did take this picture with my iPhone.

My birthday was on the seventh. I decided instead of having a party or a get together I would celebrate with my mom, especially since it’s going to be my last birthday at home.

Then came beach planning. I went to the coast to visit an ex-boyfriend and his family, while being nervous it went very well and I had a blast. It’s always good to catch up and reminisce with old friends. From there I went to my best friends beach house where he, his friend and I had a relaxing vacation time together. (Pictures // Videos)

Once I got home it was time to start work on switching my blog from Cathryn101.wordpress.com to here at CathrynGray.com. I will also mention finding the papers to change my name, which I will being doing today. =]

I hope everyone’s had an exciting July!


Pictures of Friends and Me

Just a few photos taken over the past year. Enjoy! =]

n1401330347_30186874_8392.jpg n1401330347_30186872_7071.jpg n1401330347_30152878_6852.jpg

n1401330347_30118726_9680.jpg n1401330347_30118722_8674.jpg n1401330347_30107899_5079.jpg

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A Man Who Will Always be in my Heart



What a wonderful man. He knew how to make you laugh even if tears were running down your face. He knew how to calm you down no matter what was going on. He was a genius. He cared more about his family and their happiness than anything in the world. He taught me how to dream since I was young. I’m speaking of my grandfather who passed away 8 years ago today. Oh how I miss him!

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