So Fresh & So Clean, Clean

The switch has been made from to a self-hosted domain using the WordPress software installation. After almost 8 months since the blogs debut I decided it was time to give the blog it’s own domain and the ability of more customization. Don’t let this confuse you, I redirected to the new improved blog at

What has changed:

The theme (or template as some call it) – I have switched from the Digg3 theme to a new theme which shows more of my personality and is more clean.

The sidebar(s) – Instead of three columns there are only two now. My newest photos at Flickr can be located at the top followed by the RSS feed icon and social network icons which link to my profiles. Along with my Tweets via the Twitter widget, Categories, Archives and Blogroll.

The post set up – Beside each post is now icons which when clicked will share the post at Digg,, and Technorati.

Contact page – Which contains a contact form allowing viewers to directly contact me.

Let me know what you think and if you find any problems.

Note to subscribers: Please switch from my old RSS feed to the new RSS feed.



As a child I loved Christmas- it was my favorite time of year filled with love, family, friends, and giving. On Christmas morning I found presents left around our tree, footprints of soot left on the fireplace from Santa, and pine needles strewn in the backyard.

Over the years Christmas started to loose the special meaning behind it due to family ties being lost and other factors. My mentality of Christmas this year is not to actually label it as “Christmas” but approach it as a day to spend time with those that I care about, and giving.


I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, whether you are celebrating it or not! =]