The Beach Trip in Pictures

Just a note: there are 40 pictures below, so beware of possible slow upload times depending on the speed of your internet.

I acquired a friend..
While driving from Wilmington to Sunset Beach I had a passenger that I didn’t know about until I got out of the car. Poor thing was a little dead when I found him.

The mermaid
The Mermaid.

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Videos from the Beach

Obviously I haven’t been posting recently, I’ve been off on a beach excursion and I have had¬†extremely¬†limited internet connection the whole time. I thought I’d share the videos I have first. ūüôā

Vodpod videos no longer available.
The beach at Sunset Beach, NC.

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Walking Towards Destiny (Color)

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Black and White

Sunset at Wild Dunes (Color)

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Black and White


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Old Photos

I thought I would share. They were all taken about a year ago, but still each of them holds special meanings and memories.

dsc00272.jpg  Kiawah Sunrise  Kiawah Sunrise  Tunnel  The Man Who Fell Asleep  Wild Dunes Sunset  Wild Dunes Sunset