Quadrantids Meteor Shower

After watching the Geminids meteor shower in December I have been wondering when the next meteor shower would take place. The next meteor shower is actually taking place right now and has been since December 28th and will continue until January 7th. The maximum peak, when you will be able to see the most of them, is going to be on this Friday morning, January 4th, around 4-5. Be sure to take a look!

Here’s a video that shows the Geminids meteor shower that took place December 14/15, 2007:

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Geminid Meteor Shower

Geminid Shower
Credit: Space.com

Last night a friend and I were riding around trying to find something worth doing. As we were doing this I noticed two shooting stars, which is very uncommon. Then as we kept a closer eye on the sky we were seeing about one every minute. I knew that it had to of been some kind of meteor shower. As we were sitting there looking up at the sky I pulled out my phone to see if we were seeing something that was supposed to be there. Sure enough what we were watching was a annual meteor shower, called Geminid, named after Gemini the twins. We started watching it about 3:30 and then around 4:30 it slowed down. What a pleasant surprise! The peak nights were last night and tonight so be sure to look tomorrow night! To find out more about the Geminid showers visit Space.com.

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