iPhone is improving (Update 1.1.3)

I downloaded the firmware update 1.1.3 for my iPhone and read up on the new stuff, but there was one thing that was not mentioned.

The ability to drag and drop icons on the home screen. All you have to do it hold an icon down for a couple of seconds, then as you will notice the icons will begin to wiggle. When they wiggle you can drag and drop them where you would like, and you can have up to 8 pages on the home screen to put the icons.

The ability to add bookmarks from Safari to the home screen. When you’re viewing a page and you click on the “add bookmark” feature you can now choose to add the page to your bookmark list, to the home screen or email the link.

The ability to send an SMS message to multiple people. Now when you’re sending an SMS you can choose multiple numbers or contacts to send one to.

The ability for the iPhone to hold 75,000 SMS messages instead of 1,000. I text way to much, and I noticed that I had not had a warning to delete some of my text messages. I realized that they had bumped up the limit, not just a little bit but to 75,000. I still wonder why there is a limit to begin with.

The Google Maps application now can find your general location by using the towers. You can do this by going into the application and then clicking on the circle in the lower left corner. When you do this a circle pops up on your screen giving you your general location.

The Google Maps application now can display the hybrid map view. To view this go into the application and then click on the eye in the lower right corner. Once you hit this screen you can select from the following options: map view, satellite view, hybrid view and list view.

Rented movies can now be added. To do this all you have to do sync them to your iPhone like you would music or other videos.

To view the video for more detailed descriptions on apple.com click here.