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Controversial Pregnancies

I was looking through Google Trends and one popped out to me, pregnant man. The only time that I remember anything about hearing about a pregnant man was in the movie Junior with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I researched some and found an article at Advocate.com called “Labor of Love“. It turns out that this article was posted today and that a man by the name of Thomas Beatie is actually pregnant. To find out more about this go to the article at Advocate.com. I’m predicting that this is going to start a big hype due to the broad range of people with different beliefs.

This reminded me of a story that my mother was talking about that she found on AOL, where a mother gave pregnancy to her daughters baby because her daughter could not carry a baby. This story caused quite the uproar but the baby, mother, and grandson are doing perfectly wonderful. (Credit: OCRegister.com)

The way I think about it is when I’m ready to have a baby and for some reason I’m not able to carry her or him, I would be ecstatic if someone close to me would carry my baby for me. Yes, some people think this is unethical and/or just flat out wrong, but we’re all in-titled to our own opinions. Right?

More Scientology

For some reason I’m interested in what exactly Scientology is. It’s altogether disturbing as I said in my last post. As with anything today there are many resources on the internet, so here are more resourses on the “Religion/Cult” that I have come across:

MTV Explains – What was Tom Cruise Really Talking About?
Penthouse’s Interview with L. Ron Hubbard Jr. – The creator of Scientology’s son himself speaking of his father
“Looking over my shoulder, The Inside Account of the Story That Almost Killed Me”– the writer of Scandal of the Scandal of Scientology, Paulette Cooper writes about how Scientology ruined her life
http://www.xenu.net/ – Where you can find huge amounts of information about Scientology

My number one question is if Scientology doesn’t have anything to hide and none of the accusations against them are true then why are they taking legal actions toward information on the internet? Continue reading


I had never heard of Scientology until I saw the Tom Cruise video yesterday, which can still be found on Gawker. Honestly it’s disturbing.

If the Cruise video wasn’t disturbing enough, check out this YouTube video about “The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology”. Caution: This video is graphic.

And they have vaults? To learn more go to this article on the Wahington Post. Here’s one vault on Google Earth, and you can find the other one here.

What do you think of all this?

Link List:
Wikipedia – Scientology
Video of Tom Cruise speaking about Scientology
Washington Post article on the vaults
Google Maps – Vault One
Google Maps – Vault Two