The Beach Trip in Pictures

Just a note: there are 40 pictures below, so beware of possible slow upload times depending on the speed of your internet.

I acquired a friend..
While driving from Wilmington to Sunset Beach I had a passenger that I didn’t know about until I got out of the car. Poor thing was a little dead when I found him.

The mermaid
The Mermaid.

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Visit to Tanglewood Park, Two

Two days ago I went on a photo shoot hunt, and I decided I would go to the Arboretum located in Tanglewood Park this time. As I was nearing the gate after a drive down the highway I started to get nervous because there was a massive rain cloud above the park. Luckily it didn’t rain while I was there, just on the way home. I picked up a brochure and started to walk around, finding out that many of the flowers were not blooming or some of the gardens were under construction. Through it all I did get some shots.

I also went down to one of the fields and got a video and some photos of the horses that were grazing that day.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Arboretum Visitor Guide
Partly Mangled “Arboretum Visitor Guide”

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Gel Candles

I love to have an outlet for being creative. The internet gives me all sorts of outlets, from graphic design to facebook. I’ve been wanting to have another type of outlet and after thinking about different possiblities I came up with one. Gel candles! Have you ever seen them in the store, those squishy candles. I wanted to understand what they were made out of and how to make them, and I learned just that. The possibilities are endless, from seascapes to plain clear. The process to me is fun; melt, add and pour.

I’ve made about 10 so far, without counting the test subjects. It does take sometime, but it’s enjoyable!

Here are some pictures of them:

Gel Candle Making

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Flowers and Such, Photography

The fun of having quick shutter speeds. =]

Intriguing Purple Flower

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Visit to Tanglewood Park, Photography

Yesterday, at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC, it went from raining to sunny back to raining in an hour. Below are some of the photos that were taken with my Sony DSC-T100 during the time I was there.

Looking Through the Rain, Canadian Goose
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Sea of Dogwood

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Drop of Crisp

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