Online Tutoring

I’ve been doing school work like crazy over the past couple of weeks and I’ve been getting stuck a little bit but nothing major enough to need help with until today. I was stuck on a biology question that had to do with finding out what Substance A and B was and answer questions about each of the substances. Of course that sounds easy, but the problem was I hadn’t covered the material and I had no clue where to begin. So, I noticed on Keystone’s website they mentioned Why not try it, I got trial for a free 25 minutes?

Seriously it was a godsend. Of course I would have just rather have had the answers thrown at me so I wouldn’t have to think, but that’s not the point of school and learning. The tutor that I was connected with helped me learn the material and understand it. I had a chart explaining what was in Substance A and B, and through there “whiteboard” I was able to draw it out so the tutor and I could discuss it. The tutor could also write on the whiteboard to explain to me different things that needed to be done in pictures. Now I understand the concept completely behind what Substance A and B were.

I highly recommend this service to students (grades 4-12) that need help with understanding material. They offer tutoring in the 4 core subjects of Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. The tutors can help you if you have no where to start, or have started but are stuck on a certain part, or they will check your answers behind you. The service is available 24/7 which I find highly appealing since I take online classes and I’m able to do my school work when ever fits into my schedule, and this means that I can get stuck at anytime. A big advantage to in person tutors, because you have a set time to meet with them.

Below is a link to, and by clicking below you can get 50 minutes for $1 instead of $30.


What the iPhone is lacking

I could not tell you when the next update will be arriving, but I know there are some major features the iPhone is lacking. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my iPhone, there are just some features that I would like to see come out in the updates.

  • Multimedia text messaging. The iPhone takes wonderful pictures and the option to send them in email is available but why not text messages?
  • Video capabilities. Wonderful pictures but no video?
  • An easier way to find contacts. I have a lot of contacts and there is no way to put them in categories, like personal or business contacts. What if a last name is forgotten?
  • Instant messaging, like an AIM application.
  • Java in Safari. This definitely annoys me quite a bit. You get on a site and then a little blue box with a question mark pops up and I can’t go anywhere.
  • Cut and paste option for text.
  • Games.
  • Voice dialing or voice recognition.
  • 3G network to speed up the internet when not connected to Wi-Fi. Edge is a little slow for my liking.
  • GPS in Google Maps application.

And a couple of other things I would like to see when iPhone 2.0 comes out.

  • Removable battery.
  • Expandable storage.

New iPod

After over 6 months of loosing my iPod to a beverage, I finally got a new one tonight! =]

Halfway there!


My last iPod was a black, 5th generation, 80 GB wonder, until a beverage took it’s life. After months and months of using small mp3 players, Continue reading