July Run Down

July has been a busy, quick month for me. Time for a quick run down of what’s been going on since I haven’t been able to post.

I had nothing planned for the fourth until about 2 days before. I ended up grabbing some hotdogs with afriend and seeing fireworks at the Country Club. We were planning on going downtown to dance at a jazz club that I had never been to and then the IBS kicked in. We jumped back in the car and headed back to the house to grab some medicine. The night did not just end at that, we went back to his house and had a relaxing evening with his family. I was a little disappointed because I did not have my camera on me as the fireworks went off though I did take this picture with my iPhone.

My birthday was on the seventh. I decided instead of having a party or a get together I would celebrate with my mom, especially since it’s going to be my last birthday at home.

Then came beach planning. I went to the coast to visit an ex-boyfriend and his family, while being nervous it went very well and I had a blast. It’s always good to catch up and reminisce with old friends. From there I went to my best friends beach house where he, his friend and I had a relaxing vacation time together. (Pictures // Videos)

Once I got home it was time to start work on switching my blog from Cathryn101.wordpress.com to here at CathrynGray.com. I will also mention finding the papers to change my name, which I will being doing today. =]

I hope everyone’s had an exciting July!


Videos from the Beach

Obviously I haven’t been posting recently, I’ve been off on a beach excursion and I have had extremely limited internet connection the whole time. I thought I’d share the videos I have first. 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.
The beach at Sunset Beach, NC.

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Tic? Or not.

Waking up this morning reminded me of three mornings ago when I arose to find this on my chest:

In my groggy stretching state I felt this little pest chilling right on me. I freaked out when I tried to brush him off, because he wouldn’t budge and it hurt. I thought to myself “Ah! %$@% there’s a tic on me!!!!”. Sure enough it wasn’t a tic, but I have no clue what this thing is. After trying to find some tweezers and what not, he just kinda fell off me. Random tidbit of nonsense I know, but man that’s not something you want to wake up to.

School procrastination led me to creating CAFAvids.com

About 4 months ago I ran across Kevin Nalts website looking for Revver information, and I found his own rendition of an online video site at CubeBreak.com. Cube break was made by Nalts for those at work to get away from what they’re actually supposed to be doing by providing humorous videos to watch. After looking around I then found his video on how to make your own online video site. I said to myself, “Eh, that’s easy.. I could do that in 2 seconds”. I tried to just throw some videos on a page and be done with it, but I couldn’t persuade myself to publish something that looked like videos on a blank page. It hurt my feelings not to have any kind of structure. After that I still thought about it, but moved on to other things…….

Until last night, or about 10 hours ago, I found myself procrastinating from doing school. Instead of messing around with pictures, going to the pool, watching a movie or TV I was making my own online video site powered by Revver. I decided to choose CAFA = Cute and Funny Animal videos due to my passion and love for them. Who can resist a little puppy wrestling with her brother, or a sleepy kitten? I know I can’t.

The website it… drum roll please… CAFAvids.com

Well I hope you enjoy! I’m off to get a little rest after my all night 10 hour excursion into video site land. 🙂

Off in the world, totaling cars

Where have I been? Off in the world.

Over the past couple of weeks the biggest event that unfortunately comes to my mind first would be that I was in a wreck while driving the Lexus LX470. Some people would rather use the term “accident”, but I have come to not like this term. Why not? Because from my perspective an accident means that it was unexpected and no one was at fault. Someone is always at fault in an “automobile accident”. My conclusion is to say wreck instead.

Off of my rant and onto what happened.. I was driving down the road and the car in front of me slammed on there brakes giving me no time to slow down in time. No, I was not tailgating them, and no, I was not talking/texting on my phone. Yes, I was paying attention, and yes, I was far behind them. I’ll start out by saying that no one involved was seriously hurt, which was my main concern. The person that was in the car with me and I were still a little sore for a couple days after, but nothing severe. Thankgoodness. The car was a whole different story, it’s officially totaled and I was saddened to see it leave the wreck in the condition it was in. It held special meaning because it was my grandfather’s, who passed away in 1999. This one event has taken up most of my time and thoughts the past little bit. Thankfully some pressure has been taken off by getting a new car.

Other things that have been keeping me busy have been: running errands, looking for cars, apartment hunting, planning beach get-a-ways and other daily nonsense.

It’s good to be typing again. 🙂

(My mother tends to read my blog on a regular basis and has asked not to see any pictures of the car, so to see pictures click where it says “read more”)

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WordPress New Feature: “Possibly Related Posts”

Today I noticed that on some of my blogs there was now a “Possibly Related” link section at the end of my blogs and I checked the HTML seeing if some how I had accidently added this to those blogs. Nope, it was a WordPress announcement that I hadn’t noticed yet, called “Possibly an Announcement“. I’m hoping this will work out well. Seeing the fact that I’m afraid it’s going to make my blogs looked cluttered and not actually have relitive links I’m not possitive that I will be keeping this new feature or not.

From the announcement:
In a feature we’re calling possibly related posts we’ll now try to show posts related to yours a little section at the end. If we find any posts on your blog that are related, we’ll put those at the very top and in bold. Next we’ll show other posts from around WordPress.com, and finally we’ll check if there’s anything in the mainstream media.The result is a handful of links that should provide you and your visitors something interesting to check out. On blogs that cover the same topics frequently related posts could cause a 5-10% increase in traffic overnight. You could also start to see traffic from lots of other blogs. It’s a bit of an experiment, and we’ll be tweaking it a lot based on your feedback and the data that we collect once everything is live.

Right now this is just for English blogs, but we’re working on the technology to roll this out for every language we support. We’ll also be adding some ways for you to tweak the results to your liking.

One More Bizarre Animal Story: The Goose

I had just finished visiting the graveyard and was on the way to meet up with a friend to go grab a bite to eat. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a goose take off on the other side of the road in front of me. By the time I saw that we were going to collide I couldn’t do anything and ran straight into the goose, after honking at him (I was hoping he’d move). I pulled over in shock, noticed the windshield to the car had completely spidered on the passenger side, and then jumped out of the car to see if Mr. Goose was alright. At first I was sure I had killed the poor guy, but sure enough he wasn’t in the middle of the road. After calling insurance and all that mess, I saw him and his mate right next to the car. They stayed right by the car for about an hour while I straighten everything out and made plans to get it fixed. I never imagined hitting a goose ever, but I found out the insurance company had heard of people hitting owls and pigeons before, though I was the first person that hit a goose.

The trooper is on the left.