What if you Could Shower with your iPhone?

The user twoeggplants on Etsy.com has made it possible. What a crazy, awesome idea! The iPhone soap is said to be about the same size as the real deal.

iPhone Soap

“It has the black button at the bottom and the “screen icons” in its “flat screen”. The top layer of the soap is dark grayish black and the bottom layer is a slightly lighter shade of gray. I must say that this is one of my coolest creations and each feature is meticulously created.”

It weighs about 3 ounces and the two that are available come scented either Mojito or Tropical Mango. You can even customize the fragrance or have none at all. Honestly perfect gift for a friend who loves iPhones, or even yours truly. 😉

You can check it out on Etsy.com


Oh No! My Camera!

About a month ago I set my camera down on the side of something to say hello to friends and someone accidentally hit it, making it fall to the ground. I ran to it thinking I would find it on it’s death bed. Luckily, it turned on and still took pictures. Though, it had a wound on it’s bottom left corner.

Sony Super SteadyShot DSC-T100, taken by iPhone

For the past month I’ve still been using it and haven’t noticed a thing until yesterday while taking some photos at a local graveyard. Here’s the picture that was taken.

Graveyard Geese

Urggggggggggg, I’m really hoping the result of this is because I left my camera in the cold car over night and not from the fall. I’m kinda nervous about it and am hoping I’m not going to get a new camera.

Stunning Chandelier Made from Plastic Bottles (PICS)

One of the most stunning pieces at this year
’s 100% Design was this gorgeous recycled plastic bottle chandelier by Michelle Brand. Composed entirely from cut-off bottle bases, it lit up the floor at (re)design’s Lighten Up exhibition.

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Batman “The Dark Knight”

I was extremely excited to see “The Dark Knight” and after 2 hours and 32 minutes this is what I thought of the movie without giving any spoilers in a nut shell: It was exactly what I was expecting, a movie that would blow me off my feet. Christen Bale gave another perfect performance along side of Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine. I personally felt that Katie Holmes is better suited to play Rachel Dawes rather than Maggie Gyllenhaal. Do not get me wrong Maggie Gyllenhaal had a wonderful performance, I just would have rather seen Katie Holmes in the role again. I love that director Christopher Nolan has taken the Batman comics and turned it into realistic life scenario. Ok, well not exactly realistic but enough to where it is imaginable. In three words I would describe it as breath-taking, shocking and horrid (in a good way). All the wonderful reviews and things you have heard is true, so get out there and watch the movie if you haven’t yet.

See the trailer of “the Dark Knight” below.

So Fresh & So Clean, Clean

The switch has been made from WordPress.com to a self-hosted domain using the WordPress software installation. After almost 8 months since the blogs debut I decided it was time to give the blog it’s own domain and the ability of more customization. Don’t let this confuse you, I redirected Cathryn101.wordpress.com to the new improved blog at CathrynGray.com.

What has changed:

The theme (or template as some call it) – I have switched from the Digg3 theme to a new theme which shows more of my personality and is more clean.

The sidebar(s) – Instead of three columns there are only two now. My newest photos at Flickr can be located at the top followed by the RSS feed icon and social network icons which link to my profiles. Along with my Tweets via the Twitter widget, Categories, Archives and Blogroll.

The post set up – Beside each post is now icons which when clicked will share the post at Digg, Del.icio.us, and Technorati.

Contact page – Which contains a contact form allowing viewers to directly contact me.

Let me know what you think and if you find any problems.

Note to subscribers: Please switch from my old RSS feed to the new RSS feed.