Visit to Tanglewood Park, Two

Two days ago I went on a photo shoot hunt, and I decided I would go to the Arboretum located in Tanglewood Park this time. As I was nearing the gate after a drive down the highway I started to get nervous because there was a massive rain cloud above the park. Luckily it didn’t rain while I was there, just on the way home. I picked up a brochure and started to walk around, finding out that many of the flowers were not blooming or some of the gardens were under construction. Through it all I did get some shots.

I also went down to one of the fields and got a video and some photos of the horses that were grazing that day.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Arboretum Visitor Guide
Partly Mangled “Arboretum Visitor Guide”


Dolphin Fountain
“Dolphin Fountain”

Awesome painting on the garden shed
Mural on the Garden Shed

Massive Spider Web
Massive Spider with Her Web

Pond Diving
A friend “Pond Diving”


Misplaced Daffodil
“Misplaced Daffodil”

The bunny thought he was hiding
The bunny thought he was hiding, but he wasn’t 🙂

Blue Flower Shrub
“Blue Flower Shrub”

Working on Blossoming
The Blue Flower Shrub was “Working on Blossoming” still

Two Grazing Horses

Beautiful Horse Sunset
Beautiful Horse Sunset


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