Controversial Pregnancies

I was looking through Google Trends and one popped out to me, pregnant man. The only time that I remember anything about hearing about a pregnant man was in the movie Junior with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I researched some and found an article at called “Labor of Love“. It turns out that this article was posted today and that a man by the name of Thomas Beatie is actually pregnant. To find out more about this go to the article at I’m predicting that this is going to start a big hype due to the broad range of people with different beliefs.

This reminded me of a story that my mother was talking about that she found on AOL, where a mother gave pregnancy to her daughters baby because her daughter could not carry a baby. This story caused quite the uproar but the baby, mother, and grandson are doing perfectly wonderful. (Credit:

The way I think about it is when I’m ready to have a baby and for some reason I’m not able to carry her or him, I would be ecstatic if someone close to me would carry my baby for me. Yes, some people think this is unethical and/or just flat out wrong, but we’re all in-titled to our own opinions. Right?


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