NYR: Update #2, new blog and more

Ah, yes adding one more things on to the load. A new blog! Dedicated just to finding out which Snapple “Real Facts” are true of false. Check it out here.

My NYR (New Year’s Resolutions) have been going well, the exception is here and my photoblog. I hate that! I have so much on my plate I haven’t had the time I thought I would to update both of these like I would enjoy doing.

For school I’m finishing basically 2 years of school into less than 4 months. So far I think I’m going to be able to do it. I’ve narrowed my teachers 36-week recommended schedule into 36 days, basically 1 week of work into 1 day. I happily report that my grades are excellent at the moment, and I hope to continually report this.

I’ve also been taking my free time that I have in researching places that I would like to live and finding out what the cost of living is and trying to find apartments. =] To move to the USVI I’m not going to be able to find one online because most of the apartments are listed in the towns newspaper or by word of mouth.

As for modeling, I will hopefully soon be out of the contract I am currently under and start other endeavors.

Good luck on your personal NYR. It’s very easy to lose track of what they were, but if you keep your mind on track you will be sure to accomplish what you wanted for yourself in 2008!


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