It looked like a normally gross February day today. Nothing was unusual for the forecast just some rain showers in the evening.. but what we got was heavy snow. Well just a little bit, but enough to throw someone off. Explain this to me how can our “weather people” predict snow and we hardly get any and then they don’t predict any and we get like one inch? I never understood this. I remember getting so excited when I was younger to get a snow day from school because we were going to get snow and then I’d wake up in the morning to hardly anything, if even that.

It was quite pretty and my first time actually driving in snow, seeing the fact that we hardly get any snow anymore.

Happy Valentines Day ❤


3 Responses

  1. What a “perfect” Southern Snow. By the way, has anyone told you how beautiful you are today?
    You are…

  2. Figment- I think I know who you are, haha. Yes it was a wonderful snow. Has anyone told you how beautiful you are?!

  3. 😉
    I thought you might like the name. Do you remember it?
    You’re awesome Cathryn, in every way imaginable!

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