I had never heard of Scientology until I saw the Tom Cruise video yesterday, which can still be found on Gawker. Honestly it’s disturbing.

If the Cruise video wasn’t disturbing enough, check out this YouTube video about “The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology”. Caution: This video is graphic.

And they have vaults? To learn more go to this article on the Wahington Post. Here’s one vault on Google Earth, and you can find the other one here.

What do you think of all this?

Link List:
Wikipedia – Scientology
Video of Tom Cruise speaking about Scientology
Washington Post article on the vaults
Google Maps – Vault One
Google Maps – Vault Two


6 Responses

  1. Nice post. I had a couple of videos up about Scientology as well last week. They lasted a matter of hours before the Church of Scientology had them pulled from the internet and sent legal threats for copy write infringement and slander. I hope you have much better luck that I did!

  2. Mikemonts- thanks. I haven’t recieved anything yet. Maybe they’re actually getting the hint with the widespread of everything on the internet that they can’t stop every bad thing that is said about them.

  3. On one hand we can all be thankful Tom Cruise is pretty creepy and is a bad posterchild for any cause, including Scientology. On the other hand, Scientology continues enrolling high profile individuals that will make it’s appeal seem more legit. And your video post obviously drives home the fact that Scientology is a dangerous cult.

  4. How come you always hear Tommy preaching, but never John Travolta?!

  5. […] interested in what exactly Scientology is. It’s altogether disturbing as I said in my last post. As with anything today there are many resources on the internet, so here are more resourses on […]

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