New iPod

After over 6 months of loosing my iPod to a beverage, I finally got a new one tonight! =]

Halfway there!


My last iPod was a black, 5th generation, 80 GB wonder, until a beverage took it’s life. After months and months of using small mp3 players, I bought a new black, 6th generation, 160 GB iPod. The 6th generation has definitely changed while keeping the normal iPod standards of music, videos, photos, podcasts and more. Only having the iPod for a night isn’t going to tell me much, but I’m hoping new design for the front of the iPod will help me out. On the 5th generation the screen was “glassy”, causing glare and it being easily scratched. The front of the 6th generation is not matte expect for the screen. I have noticed that the click-wheel is not as responsive. Well, I guess we’ll see how this one works out. I’m going to be crossing my fingers that it has a longer life than the last one!


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