NYR: Weekly Update # 1

I’ve decided to have a weekly update on how I’m doing on accomplishing my New Years Resolutions. I will be closely watching my New Years Resolutions to see how far I can get to getting everything done that I would like to. I’m hoping that blogging will help me gain motivation. For the past week I have still been recovering from Christmas and New Years so I’m lacking just a little bit.

I have been blogging more, especially neat findings that I have found on the internet. This week I’m planning on writing more about starting an ecommerce store and games on the internet.

I now have a photoblog, which I have been blogging everyday since the 1st of the year except for 2 days! It’s so exciting actually being involved in photography again.

I still haven’t found a web hosting service that I like for my website, but I have been searching non-stop. If anyone has any ideas that would be very helpful!

Today I am having two people sign my forms to be able to change my name and start more of the process of the online business. I have found a host for the online business at Volusion.com, which is an all-in-one ecommerce solution. They have outstanding features including premium RackSpace hosting, no hidden fees or transaction charges, free monthly updates and improvements, free 24/7 live phone support, everything’s web based, it’s completely search engine optimize, and more. Check out there site to find out more. I’ve been trying out free demos of ecommerce hosting solutions for the past 2 weeks and so far they have knocked everyone out of the park. Homestead’s ecommerce plan was also very impressive but they have limited capability in designing the website through their online “Site Builder”, which I am looking for.


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