Neat Flash Websites of 2007

I’ve been interested in flash websites for a while now and I found myself browsing through some. Here are the ones that I felt like were the most interesting that I’ve seen:

Good Things Should Never End – A never ending website, which has many fun features.

Get The Glass – Help a family reach the glass, through a board type of game.

Pet Moustache – Upload a photo of you or a friend, then grow, groom, cut and do many things to it to make it look the way you want. Then you may send it as a singing telegram to friends. (My Pet Moustache)

Don’t Click It – Is a research site, which is conducting whether or not users can resist to click on their site while “guiding” the mouse to what you want.

Daisy Marc Jacobs – Plant a daisy in the virtual field, play games, win prizes and learn about Daisy, the new fragrance by Marc Jacobs.

Quit Doing It– A website designed to target 18-24 year olds, educating them about cigarettes.

Xplored – A gallery of magic, haunted, and unusual places.

If this interests you I would suggest to find more “top” flash websites.


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