Website: Flash or HTML?

At the moment I am in the process of creating a personal site. I have not chosen whether or not to use Flash or HTML. The biggest problem I see with Flash sites is they can be difficult to navigate, where HTML sites are straight forward. Other than that, the interface of Flash sites are more creative and pleasing to the eye. If you had to choose which one would you pick?

I bought “Web Design: Flash Sites” written by Taschen today and found these creative sites:

While surfing the web I found, where Jonathan Harris shows a new way of storytelling through pictures.

(if you would rather use a poll than comment go to: html or flash?)


4 Responses

  1. Hey Cathryn, to answer your question, I’d go with a HTML site.

    Why? Because then you can use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

    CSS is for people who want to create a site that’s easily updated, more accessible across different browsers and connection speeds and a lot faster and easier to maintain; you won’t need to ask people to download new plug-ins just to view your site or have people complain about how small your fonts are.

    CSS separates content from presentation, so that when you want to make any changes to yoru site, all you need to do is modify a single file.

    You can also accomplish a lot more visually with CSS nowadays. even though you don’t have the dynamic effect of Flash. Besides, you can still incorporate Flash in a site built with CSS.

    Hope that helped. =)

  2. If it a personal’s nice to incorporate some flash piece in there…or even build everything in flash…yes flash site is pleasing to the eye but for a corporate or business site..i wouldnt recomment building it in flash…hope that helps=)

  3. I do agree with both of the comments posted above, however i see in your usage that a CSS/HTML based website is not only more compatible but definatly more efficent then using a flash based site.

    Also the flash is not as easily search engine optimized (seo) as opposed to the CSS/HTML based site. When you search for a product that would be listed on your site a search normally has problems picking up dynamic webcontent within a flash movie if not properly setup.

    In my personal opinion, I believe you should take interest into creating the website with a type of database backend to help you guys control inventory on parts, products, even services. It will also be useful in keeping client information and more. It is also even more easier to optimize the site for SEO because you can even have a datbase field that stores keywords, descriptions and custom page titles. So for instance you have 200 products you offer you do not need 200+ pages you would only need one template file that each of the products can dynamically load into.

    If you have any questions, it might be better to email me or IM, I do not check my myspace often.

    Merry Christmas / Happy new year!
    – Andrew

  4. Suffian, yes that did help. Thank you. I’m using a website building tool right now that does most of the work for me, so I have not looked into CSS. I’ll be sure to do that!

    Ynonnetran, your post also helped! I was actually thinking that same thing. Just adding flash to my current site but not creating the whole thing in flash.

    Andrew, I’m glad to hear from you again! You brought up a wonderful point with flash sites not being easily SEO. That would definatly be a problem with the business. For now I’m using a program that automatically does all the database information for me, except putting the information in for me. After getting the site up and running the only thing that would possibly be flash on there would be the top banner. As for my personal site that I will also hopefully have up and running soon, everything will be in HTML for now. Then as time goes on I’m thinking some flash or possibly all flash. I’m not accustomed to creating flash projects yet, so creating a whole site would be a long stretch. No flash just yet, but possibly sometime in the future also mixed with HTML. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and an amazing new year! =]

    Thanks yall! I hope to hear from you again soon!

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