Free Trip to Space?

Wouldn’t that be a nice concept? I think it would.

The whole point of creating this entry was to share something I found the other day about a possible fully sponsored mission to space. Go to to find out more.

I remember being fascinated by space and the thought of traveling into space since I was little. I would wonder what was out there. My parents bought a program where you could enter your location and see the stars as you could see them outside. You could find the constellations you could see that time of the year. We use to use the program and figure out where we could see the constellations outside, and try to find them.  I remember seeing the extraordinary pictures from the Eagle Nebula and Swan Nebula that were sent back to us from the Hubble Telescope (see below for images). After watching the movie Contact, staring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey, I pondered if I had the chance to go into space would I take it. The answer was: of course, I think it would be the most amazing experience! I hope that Sameer Sugwekar will find a way to make this possible and I could be a possible candidate to be on the trip. Visit the site and join the groups to help this be a success! 

 Eagle Nebula    Swan Nebula


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