My iPhone Story

I’m already on my second iPhone, wasn’t it enough pain to have to anticipate the arrival and then having to wait to actually be able to go get it?

The reason I’m on my second is actually my fault. It must have slipped off something because the volume button was pressed into my phone. During a phone call or while listening to music the volume would just random go down. I took it to the nearest Apple Store, and I was dreading having to either pay the whole amount over again or having to wait weeks to get a new phone. Well, boom! It’s okay, I’ll give you a new phone this time. The first time I haven’t had a problem replacing a broken phone! Then I was worried about loosing all of my information, my photos, text messages, you name it. I knew most of it would be on my computer when I got home because I had synced it before I left. I was under the impression that I would loose all of the “normal stuff”, like text messages, my internet history and bookmarks, and my saved map locations. I got home and hooked the new one up to my computer and everything was synced back on this phone! What a relief!

Now, I’ve had this second phone for 2 weeks and I’ve already dropped it. I know, probably not a good idea. They’re supposed to be durable, right? (Unless they take a spill straight on to the volume buttons) I thought I had broken my phone I couldn’t hear anything when I called someone, and no one could hear me when I picked up. When I turned it on to my speaker it worked, or if I played music it would work. I just couldn’t hear out of the ear piece. Then I found this nifty article, which I can’t remember where I found it. It said the problem could possibly be that if you were using the headphone jack and pulled them out to quickly the sensors couldn’t read it. When this happens all the audio is sent to the headphone jack instead of the ear piece.

The solution was to plug in the headphones that Apple sent along with the phone and slowly unplug the headphones. Voila! My problem was solved!

Note: Cell phones in general tend to slip out of my hands and go straight for the concrete, or just stop working for no reason.


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  2. Oh thank you! I had exactly the same thing happen to me earlier!

    I was so terrified (as my phone is unlocked and running outside the US, hence no warranty in sight) that I wouldn’t be able to make a call by holding the phone up to my ear in the normal fashion ever again. But your blog post helped me work it out!

    I got a call from a friend earlier, answered, and couldn’t hear him. Didn’t think much of it until I tried calling my voicemail to check. No sound! Oh no! I’m panicking trying to figure out what’s going wrong, tried with headphones and with speakerphone, and both worked. Just couldn’t make a call with the normal speaker. I then also noticed the proximity sensor wasn’t responding while on call, which got me really worried.

    I restored the firmware and jailbroke the phone again hoping it was a software glitch, but no success. I was starting to really worry. I then realised that playing music with the speaker didn’t work either and remembered that earlier I left the phone sitting around with headphones in for ages and when I came back it was going crazy and thought maybe the headphone port sensor could be broken. Did a Google, found your blog, and did what you did and oh my god it worked!!!

    I’m so relieved. Can’t thank you enough for providing the instructions for it!

  3. Same thing happened…and thanks to the google search, the same problem has been solved for me as well! Thanks for blogging about this!

  4. Thank you for sharing. Your technique saved me a hassle-filled trip to the Apple store.

  5. Like everyone above, I randomly experienced this same issue. Luckily I was near my computer when it happened and could Google for a solution. Your post saved me a lot of hassle. Thanks!

    Ironically, something similar happened to my Macbook Pro where a small switch got flipped and it thought there was an optical connector plugged in all the time. The solution for that was to use a toothpick to trip the switch.

  6. just an fyi – had the same issue – the headphone trick did not work, the alcohol/qtip fix did not work, the reset all settings did not work. i even had my headset jack replaced & that did not work. i had to send it in to iresq and they replaced the FRAME and now all is working. tech said that if you drop your phone(which i never recall doing) it will affect your earpiece like this.

  7. Warwick, Ryan and Jeff , I’m so glad that I helped. I know I was a mess trying to figure out what was wrong with mine. 🙂

    Larry, of course- I couldn’t figure out what I had done to make my iPhone react like it was and was happy that it was just something small like that. Thanks for that tidbit of information, I’ll have to watch out for that with my MBP.

    midn12ght, that must have been a huge pain, but that’s wonderful that it’s working now!

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