A Man Who Will Always be in my Heart



What a wonderful man. He knew how to make you laugh even if tears were running down your face. He knew how to calm you down no matter what was going on. He was a genius. He cared more about his family and their happiness than anything in the world. He taught me how to dream since I was young. I’m speaking of my grandfather who passed away 8 years ago today. Oh how I miss him!

You know how some grandparents pick what they want you to call them? Well, he wasn’t like that. He wanted me to choose what I called him. As a baby it started at Deedeedee. Then as I grew older it was shortened to Didi. I remember how he use to take me to tea parties when I was a small child. I would go pick out a dress a Rolly’s (a children’s fine retail store) and he would come pick me up and we would go have real tea parties. We would ride around playing “airplane”, where he was the captain and I was the second in command. I would pull the glove-box down and “control the airplane” or at least pretend to control the car. There are so many memories of him that I will cherish forever.

I was getting my car worked on the other day, and the woman who was helping me asked if he was my grandfather. Proudly I said “yes he was”. She then acknowledged what a wonderful person he was. I am biased, but many people loved him and who he was.

I look around at all the father figures that surround me today and none of them compare to him. He cared about his family so much, and made sure they were happy no matter what. Of course there were the small quarrels but in the end everything went back to normal.

If only he was here today, that’s what I keep thinking. Everything that is wrong would go away because he would know how to comfort me and those around me.


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