Hello everyone! I have decided to use wordpress to start my personal blog. Take a look at my “What to Expect” page to find out about a little bit about me and what I will be blogging about.

I have found tremendous amounts of things floating through my head lately, from what do I need to do today to what should I do for the rest of my life. Being 18 there are so many possibilities of what to do and where to start, it’s mind-numbing.

Here are two of my many thoughts:

The first thing that is on my plate is school. Between absences and counselors traditional schools in the area have just plainly not worked out for me, so I have chosen to take online high school classes to get my diploma. Some people have doubted the road I have taken, but I know it’s the right way for me. A huge plus is that I will be able to finish 2 years of “regular school time” in less than 6 months!

I have been contemplating about moving somewhere in the near future. I have lived in the same small town since I was born and I am ready to move on and start a life of my own. Where to begin is the hard part. The first place that came to mind, seeing the fact that I love warm weather and the beach, was somewhere in the Caribbean. I am visiting the USVI within the next couple of months to see if I would actually enjoy living there. Though the cons of me picking up my stuff and moving across an ocean would be not being close to my mom and friends, therefore I have also thought about moving to an larger city in the state. This alone has brought up so many unanswered questions for myself. Where? When? Money? Job? and this list goes on!

Until next time,


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